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TEXT2DRIVE Helps Auto Dealers Expand Leads, Sales & CSI Scores

Service Appointment Reminders Generate $28,533/Mo In Extra Revenue On Average

[fa icon='calendar'] November 13, 2019

2 minute read

Dealerships Enjoy An Average 6.5% Show Rate Increase Due To Automated Service Appointment Reminders

Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue to gain, far too many dealerships are missing the mark when it comes to winning over and retaining repeat business. The process starts with encouraging customers to use their service department and make appointments, but it does not end there.

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Declined Service Reminders Generated Over $6K Of Extra Revenue In 1 Month

[fa icon='calendar'] November 7, 2019

2 minute read

When it comes to turning around recommended work that customers decline, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is the possibility that the vehicle owner was never informed in the first place. This can happen for several reasons. For example, someone other than the vehicle owner may have picked it up and may not be aware that work was recommended in the first place.

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Declined Service Reminders Convert 12.65% Of Customers

[fa icon='calendar'] November 6, 2019

3 minute read

Previously Declined Service Reminders Increase Service Dept Revenue by $6,643 on Average

12.65% of customers contacted about declined recommended repairs open a repair order (RO) within 30 days at dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVE™. This response amounts to an additional $6,643 on average over a two-month period due to automated declined service reminders.

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Automation & AI Significantly Impact Service Revenue & CSI Scores

[fa icon='calendar'] November 5, 2019

3 minute read

Dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVE sent customers a total of 4.7 million text messages - 76.4% of those messages Were automated - in March of 2019.

Aside from the mechanisms of vehicles and the computers you use to conduct business, you may not consider technology a critical part of operations at your dealership.

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TEXT2DRIVE Automation: Generate BIG Money For Your Service Department

[fa icon='calendar'] October 22, 2019

4 minute read

Dealerships using TEXT2DRIVE sent customers a total of 4.7M text messages - 76% were automated!

Maintaining clear, productive communication with customers is tricky. The busy lives of many people make it challenging to deal with snail mail, clean out their email inboxes and take phone calls. Getting customers to respond, even if they do any of the above, is even more difficult with traditional methods. 

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