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3 Critical Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs To Text

[fa icon="calendar"] February 20, 2020

4 minute read
3 critical reasons your dealership needs to text

There are compelling reasons why text messaging has become one of the main ways that people communicate. It is fast, convenient and can be done anytime and in just about any setting. 

Text messaging does not discriminate; people who are hearing or speech impaired or deaf can read and respond to a text without any issues. It also overcomes language barriers. Non-English speaking people can use a translating tool to ask and respond to questions. Texting is more reliable than phone service, which can cut in and out and drop calls. Volume or background noise is never a problem.

Due to these reasons, text messaging closes costly communication gaps and reduces miscommunication by offering the following:


Here, we take a deep dive into 3 reasons why your dealership needs to text. 

1. Improve Communication

As you know, working at a dealership is often a fast-paced experience. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, clear communication can quickly fall by the wayside. When communication between staff members or staff members and customers falters, disaster can quickly ensue. 

TEXT2DRIVE - a full-featured communications platform that leverages the many advantages of text messaging - makes it easy and fast for your employees to communicate internally and eternally with customers

The series of automated messages deployed by the software comes with templates you can customize. While they can personalize the messages, the templates ensure the right message is conveyed to customers every single time. Your employees no longer have to play a guessing game or waste time agonizing over what to say. 

2. Communicate Consistently 

TEXT2DRIVE incorporates intelligent automation (AI) that does the work for your staff when it comes to staying in touch with customers. The solution sends automated text messages at key times in each customer’s vehicle lifecycle.

These messages are designed and timed to generate revenue and keep your customers happy by providing exemplary customer service. They include:

  • First service notice
  • Declined service reminder
  • Vehicle service reminder
  • Appointment reminder
  • Welcome message
  • Status update
  • Ready for pickup
  • Lease Expiration

When it comes to internal communication, TEXT2DRIVE gives you many options including one-to-one text messaging and group chat. You can choose whether you want a group chat room to include a few employees, one or several departments or even the entire dealership. 

TEXT2DRIVE ensures that your staff can maintain clear communication with each other at all times to deliver a positive experience to customers. 

3. Reach A Wider Audience

Running a successful business is largely dependent on retaining your existing customers and continuously expanding your customer base. Gaining the loyalty of existing customers is very important, of course, but growth is equally critical. Without it, your dealership will become stagnant and eventually fail to generate the revenue it needs. 

Reaching existing customers can be time-consuming and futile when the effort is made using outdated approaches such as cold calling and snail-mail campaigns. In the meantime, you lose precious days, weeks and months when you could be opening more repair orders and selling more vehicles. Turning every new customer into a longtime fan of your dealership with traditional methods is also challenging. Your staff is already overworked and low on hours in the day. They do not have the time to spend on outdated methods. 

TEXT2DRIVE makes it easy to impress new customers and gain the loyalty of existing customers by allowing your dealership to reach more of them in less time and with less work. The majority of consumers prefer automotive dealerships that communicate with them via text message. Using TEXT2DRIVE allows your staff to keep the lines of communication open while pleasing customers with the way they go about it. Your dealership can stay in touch with more customers in a way they appreciate. 

TEXT2DRIVE delivers all of the benefits of text messaging to your dealership on a silver platter. You will enjoy revenue increases, improved customer satisfaction and a solid reputation. 


Reap the Rewards of Texting

Improved Communication & Extended Customer Reach

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