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4 Text Message Templates That Drive Your Car Sales Process

[fa icon="calendar"] July 2, 2019

4 minute read
4 Text Message Templates That Drive Your Car Sales Process

When it comes to selling cars, you can never get too much time. Every minute gained is time you can invest in pursuing qualified prospects and making another sale. Communicating with customers throughout the selling process and following up with them after a car sale is time-consuming, yet critical to the success of your dealership.

So, how do you communicate effectively without getting mired in the back-and-forth unproductive conversations?

TEXT2DRIVE™ is a full-featured communications platform designed specifically for car dealerships. Allowing you to customize and personalize car sales text message templates that are automatically deployed to prospects and existing customers. Your sales department gets a big reward for little work.

text message templates tailored for car sales

Text Message Templates Tailored For Car Sales

Communicating with leads and existing car buyers via text message is non-intrusive for them and saves your sales force valuable time. All four text messaging templates were built to make a positive impact on your sales department’s bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.


automated csi survey request text message template

1. CSI Survey Request Text Message Template

Establish and maintain a good reputation for your dealership and manufacturer. Let customers know the experience they have with your sales staff is important to you.


Dealerships that use our CSI Survey Request text message templates have seen a 141% increase in completions.


automated sales department thank you text template

2. Sales Department Thank You Text Message Template

Express your appreciation to customers for doing business with you. Thank them for entrusting their car purchase to your sales team.



automated happy birthday message text template

3. Happy Birthday Text Message Template

Show customers you care by wishing them a happy birthday with a personalized message. People want to know they are more than just a dollar sign to companies.



automated vehicle anniversary text message template

4. Vehicle Anniversary Text Message Template

Set the stage for future sales by letting customers know you remember them and you are always available to help them in any way they need.

text message templates customized for car sales

Use Our Text Message Templates Or Customize Your Own

The pre-existing car sales text messaging templates available through TEXT2DRIVE™ can be personalized with details such as dealership name, customer name, customer phone number, the make and model of their car and the phone number of each salesperson.

Populating the templates with this data is quick and easy to initialize thanks to personalization tokens. These snippets of code dynamically add the information of the sender and/or receiver. It only takes a few clicks to enter the details you want to be included in each message.

Building your own custom car sales text message templates is a breeze, as well. Even the least tech-savvy employees can enter the information they desire to ensure the templates will engage prospects to keep the conversation going and lead the way to sales.  

Support the full potential of your sales department with convenient and effective text message templates from TEXT2DRIVE™. Our communications platform has helped improved CSI scores by 35% on average, by showing customers they care. The automated text messages also keep salespeople at the forefront of customers’ minds.

The result? Customers think of your dealership when they are ready to buy again. After the sale, customers remember the positive experience they had with your sales staff and spread the word to their family and friends.

All packages include a variety of automation functions including all the text message templates discussed above for car sales and even more for your service department. Find out how little it costs to communicate with your customers at the right time, with the right messages.


Improve Your Vehicle Sales Process  Download These Text Message Templates [PDF]


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