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Automation & AI Significantly Impact Service Revenue & CSI Scores

[fa icon="calendar"] November 5, 2019

3 minute read
dealerships earn average total pay of $282 per RO using safety recall alerts

Dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVE sent customers a total of 4.7 million text messages - 76.4% of those messages Were automated - in March of 2019.

Aside from the mechanisms of vehicles and the computers you use to conduct business, you may not consider technology a critical part of operations at your dealership.

But it should be.

Why? Well, because technology is what generated the impressive 4.7 million automated messages mentioned above. Specifically, technology that utilizes intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI). This is just one of the many undeniable benefits. Automation and AI can make a significant impact on revenue and customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores in your service department. 

Communicating with the right customers at the right time throughout their lifecycle is critical for getting more recommended work approved and keeping them happy. However, finding the time to contact them with the ideal frequency is next to impossible given all of the other tasks your staff needs to complete. Add to this challenge the tricky business of quality control - that is, making sure your employees are using appropriate verbiage when they speak to customers. 

Facilitating Smart Communication

Intelligent automation and AI fuel many communication exchanges between your service department and your customers, laying the groundwork for higher repair order (RO) totals and increasing the number of customers who return to your dealership for service

Intelligent automation is a method of controlling a process through a highly automatic means. It is often accomplished by electronic devices. True automation eliminates the need for staff to engage in repetitive activities and gives them more time to spend with customers and complete repairs.

AI is the brainpower behind intelligent automation, giving it the ability to engage in tasks that usually require human intelligence. This means less time and energy demands on your staff. TEXT2DRIVE uses AI to ensure that all communication is timed perfectly. Sending the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

Staying In Touch

Customers are much more likely to bring their vehicle in for service if they are aware it is necessary. Many dealerships unknowingly let these opportunities slip through their fingers. Far too many dealerships lose customers to small shops and oil change franchises because they fail to capture customer loyalty. 

These dealerships lack the ability to consistently communicate with customers in an effective way. Intelligent automation changes this by ensuring customers are contacted throughout their lifecycle and are made aware of the maintenance that is due and upcoming scheduled service appointments. Intelligent automation knows where they are in the life cycle - sending them the right message at the right time - and automation does the heavy lifting so your staff does not have to. 

$6643 generated in additional service revenue using declined service reminders

These messages work. In March of 2019, dealerships generated an average of $6,643 of additional revenue due to using declined service reminders.

Looking Out For Them

Few gestures engender customer loyalty like demonstrating that you are looking out for them. The AI built into our intelligent automation helps you do this in several critical ways.

Completing safety recalls is a win-win for both your dealership and your customers. First, they are a robust source of service department revenue and customers do not have to pay a cent to get them done. Secondly, they give you a chance to show customers that you have their best interests in mind. 

An automated communications platform searches your customer database and cross-indexes it with available open recalls. You choose the recalls you want to target and the software automatically notifies customers of the safety recall on their vehicle.

You have likely encountered your fair share of customers who overlooked or dismissed a service light that came on in their vehicle. Automation can activate a text alert sent to customers when this happens. This same action opens a text message conversation between the customer and one of your service associates, allowing them to ask questions and make an appointment to get the issue resolved

Making Payments Convenient

Long lines are a hassle for both your customers and your service staff. Automation can help you banish long lines and make it easy for customers to pay their bill anywhere, anytime. Send customers their invoices via text message and offer them the option to settle their bill online via text. This also gives customers the opportunity to speak with the service advisor in charge of their repair because they do not have to wait until they pick up their car to speak with him or her. Customers will appreciate the convenience of paying whenever and wherever is best for them. 

Do these advanced communication capabilities sound like a fantasy? TEXT2DRIVE™, a full-featured communications platform designed specifically for auto dealerships, makes all of the above reality with true automation and cutting edge AI.

See TEXT2DRIVE in action by scheduling a live demo today.

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