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TEXT2DRIVE Automation: Generate BIG Money For Your Service Department

[fa icon="calendar"] October 22, 2019

4 minute read

TEXT2DRIVE automation generates big money for your service department

Dealerships using TEXT2DRIVE sent customers a total of 4.7M text messages - 76% were automated!

Maintaining clear, productive communication with customers is tricky. The busy lives of many people make it challenging to deal with snail mail, clean out their email inboxes and take phone calls. Getting customers to respond, even if they do any of the above, is even more difficult with traditional methods. 

All of these factors aside, your service staff is extremely busy themselves. You want most of their focus to be directed at making repairs and pleasing customers - not making phone calls and sending emails. 

Communication cannot be sacrificed. It plays a critical role in the amount of revenue your dealership generates.

While it may sound challenging, communicating effectively with customers can be done without requiring your employees to sacrifice a significant amount of the time. 

TEXT2DRIVE Case Study KPI for Automated Text Communications

Let Artificial Intelligence Speak For You

What if you had a way to increase the number of repair orders (ROs) you open and keep customers coming back to your service department?

With personalized intelligent automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI), you have the power to do all of the above and more. 

TEXT2DRIVE™ is a full-featured communications platform that incorporates true intelligent automation in a variety of ways. These methods include utilizing a series of automated and templated text messages.

34% of dealership customers prefer to communicate with dealerships via text messages. However, a scant 9% of dealerships are providing the solution. When you have TEXT2DRIVE, you can deliver exactly what customers want while saving your service department valuable time. 

service department intro - automated text message template

Service Department Intro

Invite customers to make an appointment to learn about the features of their vehicles. This gets them acquainted with your service department and helps demonstrate its value. 

vehicle first service reminder - automated text message template

Vehicle First Service Reminder

This message presents another opportunity to bring customers into your service department. They will get their first manufacturer-recommended service on time thanks to the technology’s ability to sync with OEM databases. In March of 2019, dealerships enjoyed an improvement of 6.5% in their show rates on average because of automated service appointment reminders.

appointment calendar invite - automated text message reminder

Appointment Calendar Invite & Appointment Reminder

Reduce or eliminate frustrating, revenue draining no-shows by giving customers a way to add appointments directly to their device’s calendar app. Then ensure they show up with a timely reminder of their appointment the day before. 

vehicle status updates - automated text message template

Vehicle Status Updates

Demonstrate to customers that you respect their time by sending them regular updates on the work being done to their vehicle. Customers will appreciate the respect you show them by doing so. Dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVE saw their CSI scores increase 35% on average over a one year period.

vehicle ready for pickup - automated text message template

Vehicle Ready For Pick-Up

Show customers that when they use your service department, they will not have to wait around wondering if their vehicle is finished. Let them know it is ready so they can pick it up at their convenience.

declined vehicle service reminder - automated text message template

Declined Vehicle Service Reminder

Let customers who may not yet be aware of recommended work know about it and regain lost opportunities for service revenue. The wording of the template includes an offer to answer any questions they may have. 

In March of 2019, dealerships enjoyed a higher conversion for declined recommended repairs thanks to automated declined service reminders. 12.65% of the customers who received declined service reminders opened an RO within 30 days - generating $6,643 in revenue on average over a two-month period.

vehicle safety recall automated text message template

Safety Recall Notification

Take advantage of one of the most significant sources of service department revenue while demonstrating to customers that you care about their well-being. Getting safety recalls serviced will not cost customers a cent, but it will increase your revenue. In March, recall alerts helped dealerships earn an average total pay of $282.20 per RO.

vehicle service reminder- automated text message template

Vehicle Service Reminder

The ability of TEXT2DRIVE to sync with OEM recommended service dates makes it fast and easy for your dealership to let them know the time for their next recommended service is approaching. Out of the customers who received an automated text service reminder, 15.37% of them had a service performed within less than 30 days! This resulted in $18,737 in revenue on average for these dealerships over a two-month period.


TEXT2DRIVE Leads The Auto Industry In True Intelligent Automation with AI!

As you can see, TEXT2DRIVE was designed to perfectly position your service department as the go-to resource for all of your customers’ vehicle service needs - and in doing so, ignites revenue growth. 

See for yourself how effective TEXT2DRIVE is...

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