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The Importance of Communication Platform Integration for Dealerships

[fa icon="calendar"] April 19, 2019

4 minute read
TEXT2DRIVE communication platform integration - BDC and DMS

To serve as an effective communication platform that meets today’s consumer standards and the unique needs of automotive dealerships, a communication platform must integrate seamlessly with your dealership management system (DMS) and business development center (BDC). 

This creates a solid foundation that sets up your operations for success.


Seamless Integrations for Better Business

BDC & DMS Integration

As one of the very first communications platforms on the market back in 2008, TEXT2DRIVE™ was designed with a built-in CRM that interfaces with your BDC and all major DMS.

These capabilities allow the platform to perform functions that improve communications and customer service, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores and revenue.

Payment Integration

Speed CheckOut™ mobile bill payment is an advanced text message payment system that manages the entire payment cycle with automated text messaging. This means you can send customers invoices via text messages and they can pay online. It is quick and convenient for everyone. No more lines!

The new e-signature feature completes each transaction in a secure and compliant manner. It is all made possible by the simple and intuitive software interface that works with your DMS. No need to change your merchant services provider either.

Video Integration

Building trust with customers to get approval on more repair recommendations is much easier when you use video communications. Service technicians can send videos to customers using text messages in which they show them exactly what needs to be repaired on their vehicles. Seeing it with their own eyes increases confidence among customers that the proposed repairs are in fact necessary.

All communications held through the TEXT2DRIVE mobile app are legally compliant and secure. Additionally, all interactions including text messages, videos and phone calls are stored within TEXT2DRIVE for easy access. Nothing is stored on a personal device, so you do not have to worry about losing important records when employees leave.

Voice Integration

Click-to-call voice recording solutions allow your staff to call customers from within the TEXT2DRIVE™ software and have all communications recorded and securely archived within TEXT2DRIVE’S CRM. The process is simple: an employee establishes a voice communication by clicking on the customer’s phone number. This feature protects your employees’ personal phone numbers and prevents loss of data if an employee stops working for you.

Website Integration

Ideally, your dealership’s website should be profit-driven, engaging your customers and compelling them to act. TEXT2DRIVE™ makes it possible to display our Interact website features such as TEXTconnect for customer-to-employee communications and TEXTcoupons to deliver offers or coupons to a customer’s phone via text message in seconds. These widgets work on any website and only require a simple copy & paste of code to install.

Notifications are sent to dealers whenever a website visitor engages with the Interact features and every single interaction is logged securely in the platform. Managers can pull up reports on Interact SMS activity anytime and anywhere.

More importantly, the implementation of coupons or dealer vehicle inventory website information results in the acquisition of the “coveted” double opt-in. Double opt-in customers can “legally” be text marketing/advertising styled messages. No form of advertising is less expensive and yet more profit-driven than text message marketing.

Internal Dealership Integration

Communicating with a department or even the entire dealership at once becomes so much faster with TEXT2DRIVE’s Group Chat, which allows a dealer or employee to create and customize focused chat rooms. With the auto business becoming much more mobile, the internal/group chat feature empowers dealerships to convey messages to employees wherever they may be in the dealership at any given moment.

These chats are great for training and can be easily accessed later down the road for a quick refresher.

Vehicle Telematics Integration

TEXT2DRIVE is one of the only text message platforms that is created to receive digital information from a vehicle’s internal computer systems. Sometimes known as telematics, TEXT2DRIVE is able to capture crucial diagnostic information and then send text messages to vehicle owners alerting them to possible repair issues. The message received by the vehicle’s owner opens a direct text communication between the vehicle owner and the dealership’s service department.

Dealership Database Integration and Safety Recalls

Open vehicle safety recalls from the manufacturer’s database can be automatically text to all customers with open safety recalls.

TEXT2DRIVE™ looks at all of the customers in the dealership’s database, cross-references to find all open recalls and displays a detailed report containing the number and types of recalls available. Recall notices can be customized according to type, quantity, and frequency of delivery.

Calendar Integration

Automated appointment calendar invitations make it easy for customers to remember and keep their service appointments. This feature automatically sends a clickable calendar invite that allows the recipient to save the date on their mobile device’s calendar app or Google’s calendar.

Sales Integration

Sales managers know exactly when vehicles they have targeted for buy-back campaigns arrive at the dealership thanks to the service to sales mining tool. By selecting the year, make and model of vehicles that would be good candidates for acquisition and resale, a sales department is alerted when a desirable buyback vehicle arrives for service via TEXT2DRIVE’s internal automated communication.

Tablet Integration

Whether your service advisors work with an iPad, Android or Surface, the tablet interface allows them to perform all of the functions on their tablet that are available on the desktop version. It works in tandem with tablet write up software and DMS add-ons for full capabilities. Advisors can access it by logging into the tablet text communication interface. 


The Right Choice

A text communications platform with fluent, adaptive, multi-integration capabilities, automation and internal chat which drives retention, customer satisfaction and revenue defines TEXT2DRIVE.

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