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Declined Service Reminders Convert 12.65% Of Customers

[fa icon="calendar"] November 6, 2019

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declined service reminders convert customers

Previously Declined Service Reminders Increase Service Dept Revenue by $6,643 on Average

12.65% of customers contacted about declined recommended repairs open a repair order (RO) within 30 days at dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVE™. This response amounts to an additional $6,643 on average from January 2019 to February 2019 due to automated declined service reminders.

automated declined service reminders generated $6,643 in additional service revenue

Why are declined service reminders so effective? A significant number of recommended repairs do not get approved due to a lack of awareness that work needs to be done, not a lack of willingness.  

You see, it is not always the vehicle owners who pick up the vehicle. It is far too easy for the wrong person to receive the information and neglect to tell the owner. In other cases, the owner does pick up the vehicle, but the service advisor fails to fill them in on the work that needs to be done. 

These circumstances are unfortunate, but there is nothing that can be done to remedy them, right? 


There is a foolproof way to ensure that vehicle owners are always aware of recommended repairs. 

Inform Customers Every Time

TEXT2DRIVE™ - a full-featured communications platform - deploys declined service reminders to customers who allegedly passed on getting recommended work done. These automated text messages inform vehicle owners directly, right on their cell phone via text, of the recommendations. It is a foolproof way to make sure they are kept in the loop. 

From January 2019 to February 2019, dealerships saw 12.65% of customers contacted via automated declined service reminders open a repair order within 30 days

The vast majority of customers prefer to communicate with businesses via text message. It is a non-intrusive form of communication that will not disrupt their busy lives. Texts are fast and easy to send and can be sent at the time that is most convenient for each customer. 

Easy For Your Staff To Use

You have a service department to run and repair orders to complete. The last thing you need is a complicated technology that is difficult for your staff to learn and master. The creators of TEXT2DRIVE utilized their experience in the automotive industry to make the communications platform easy for anyone to use. 

The templates for the declined service reminders are pre-built, yet can be personalized with the customer and service advisor’s name. Most of the messages have already been composed, freeing your staff to focus on repairs and customer service. Populating the templates with personalized information is a cinch for even the least tech-savvy employee. 

All Of The Necessary Information

In order to adequately keep track of all declined repairs, you need all of the pertinent information. TEXT2DRIVE gives it to you with the declined service interface

All of the information you need is there including the customer’s information, the date range of the declined services, the work done on the vehicle as well as the recommended work that was declined, the associated repair order numbers, the service advisor’s name and the notifications that were previously sent complete with the dates they were sent. 

The last piece of information is very important because while you want to keep customers informed, you do not want to pester them. If you do, you risk alienating them and driving them from your service department altogether. Having access to the number and dates of the declined service reminders that were already sent helps you avoid this costly scenario

Using declined service reminders allows your service department to recapture lost revenue, generate more revenue and keep customers coming back for all of their repairs. Learn about all of the ways TEXT2DRIVE can help your service department’s bottom line.

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* From TEXT2DRIVE; January 13, 2020 data usage report from the dates of January 2019 to February 2019 Author Norm Crawford.

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