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Eliminate the Technology Learning Curve for Your Staff

[fa icon="calendar"] June 20, 2019

5 minute read
Eliminate the Technology Learning Curve for Your Staff

The best communications platform in the world will not work for your dealership if it is too complicated for some of your staff to learn or customers to respond. Time is money, and the more time they have to spend learning the system and asking questions about it, the more potential revenue goes down the drain.

So how do you eliminate the technology learning curve, save time, and effectively communicate with your customers & employees?

When looking for a platform for your team, it is important to take into account how easy it would be for even the least technical employees to master. Not everyone is a technically inclined person; in fact, the majority of people are not tech savvy at all just like Rick Walters...



“I do not embrace technology in any way… but it has made my job a lot easier and customers are just elated.”

Furthermore, people who are older and less tech-savvy are often intimidated by the idea of learning new technology. The ideal solution is intuitive - an easy curve that is both fast to learn and simple to use.

Powerful Simplicity

The TEXT2DRIVE™ full-featured communications platform is not just easy to integrate and implement - it is so easy, those that may initially think they cannot use it will come to wonder how they ever got along without it.

Created specifically for auto dealerships, this software is designed to be used by staff members at any level of technical proficiency. It was written with simplicity in mind. The design also takes into account the frenetic schedule your sales force sometimes must follow in the unpredictable world of selling automobiles and the jam-packed days your service associates often find themselves facing as they hustle to complete repairs in a timely manner. As for managers who must balance paperwork with overseeing those who report to them? TEXT2DRIVE™ is a valuable and easy-to-master resource for them, too.

The vast majority of people know how to text message. Most of us use it in our daily lives. This is part of the genius of TEXT2DRIVE™. The platform utilizes the power and convenience of text message communications. Sending and receiving emails through the software is easy, as well. The inbox is similar to commonly used email apps in which all messages can be viewed, categorized and prioritized.

Templated Text Messages Makes This Technology Learning Curve Even Easier

One of the features that takes advantage of texting is templated text messages. The templates provide exactly what your salespeople and service staff should say to customers in different scenarios, taking the guesswork out for new team members and establishing best practices for those who have been on the team longer. It also helps assure quality control because the messages are pre-written and can be personalized according to details such as customer name, employee name and vehicle make/model.

Simplicity V2 Dashboard Helps Reduce The Technology Learning Curve

The powerful and efficient V2 dashboard interface gives sales managers and service advisors the ability to monitor employee-to-employee and employee-to-customer conversations in one central place, with a top-down view of all dealership text communications. It is user-friendly and extremely functional, and data can be accessed quickly.



The mobile app is like a bigger, better version of your cell phone's text messaging app. As a result, this technology has a low learning curve and it delivers big in terms of communication with the following features:

Send VideosVideo technology so your salespeople can record vehicles that are for sale and send to customers via text. Customers love watching 360 tours of the exterior & its interior.

Record And Send Service VideosService technicians can record and send videos to customers in which they point out the recommended repairs on their vehicle so customers can see it with their own eyes.

Two Way Text Messaging2-way texting that allows your employees to communicate with customers securely and in full legal compliance.

Text Connect With CustomersCustomers can TEXTconnect with any member of your team simply by texting the employee’s name to 37483.


Ongoing Training and Support

TEXT2DRIVE™ also offers robust training resources and a support network that is easily reachable. One-on-one coaching is provided through the customer service department and live support is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.

Expert representatives deliver exemplary assistance and are easy to reach; you are not sent through a frustrating series of prompts to reach a person.   

In terms of training, TEXT2DRIVE™ makes several different resources available:

  • Every dealership is assigned its own dedicated Customer Success Manager who visits the dealership two times per year
  • Access to ongoing training twice a week courtesy of TEXT2DRIVE™ University
  • On-site training at the dealership is available
  • Your staff can watch easily digestible video courses housed right on the dealer management system (DMS) for both onboarding and ongoing training.

Take a test drive today to see how easy it is for anyone at your dealership to use TEXT2DRIVE™.


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