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Generate Service Revenue During Coronavirus With Car Safety Recalls

[fa icon="calendar"] April 22, 2020

3 minute read

Generate Service Revenue During Coronavirus With Car Safety Recalls

The Coronavirus outbreak has given the United States economy a gut punch. Industries are reeling from mandated shutdowns and thousands of people have lost their jobs. Naturally, this has caused consumer spending in some sectors to grind to a halt.


Your dealership can still generate service revenue during this time

While this idea may sound absurd, it is in fact true. So, what is the solution to lagging repair orders in the current soft market? Car manufacturer safety recalls!

Think about it. Car manufacturers pay to get safety recalls completed, not customers. This fact puts repairs within reach even for those customers who are pinching pennies right now. They want their vehicles to work and be dependable, so when a solution is free for customers, they jump on it.

The tricky part is figuring out exactly which customers have open recalls on their vehicles and figuring out the best way to notify all of them.


TEXT2DRIVE™ makes it possible for your dealership to do both


TEXT2DRIVE is a full-featured text messaging and communications platform that was designed specifically for the needs of car dealerships. The makers of the solution have been in the auto industry for many years. They built HANDS-FREE RECALL NOTICES into the platform because they understand the potential gold mine that safety recalls offer service departments.

When you use HANDS-FREE RECALL NOTICES, you take the guesswork out of identifying and targeting customers whose vehicles have been given a recall order. The process is quick and easy for anyone to complete:

fca-recalls-step-1 We review all of the customers in your dealership’s database
fca-recalls-step-2 We cross-reference your customers in the TEXT2DRIVE database for available open recalls
fca-recalls-step-3 Based on this information, we send you a detailed report of how many open recalls are available and what types of recalls you can choose from
fca-recalls-step-4 You can then filter out which types of recalls codes you would like to send text notifications out to and set the quantity and frequency of sends

After you set your recall preferences, TEXT2DRIVE takes it from there. Your service staff saves time while greatly improving your dealership’s ability to generate service revenue:

Dealerships earned an average total pay of $282.20 per repair order (RO) * from January 2019 to February 2019 by using HANDS-FREE RECALL NOTICES.



The average customer pay per dealership totaled $8,039 per month when HANDS-FREE RECALL NOTICES were sent.

This amount of revenue could be a life-saver for your service department, not to mention contributing to the overall health of the economy. HANDS-FREE RECALL NOTICES give you the power to generate revenue during the Coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Rev Up Recall Revenue  Download the Complete COVID-19 Guide

* From TEXT2DRIVE; January 13, 2020 data usage report from the dates of January 2019 to February 2019 Author Norm Crawford.

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