Fraud Protect

Get Bullet-Proof Fraud Protection For The Price Of A Fast-Food Meal. For just $3.33 per day

Would you be willing to invest in an online bill payment fraud prevention program that would provide your dealership a level of online payment security never before available to any auto dealer....anywhere, for less than the cost of lunch?

For about $3.33 per day your dealership, and owner can have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your store’s online bill payments are protected by the Number One fraud protection platform in the auto industry today. TEXT2DRIVE’s mission is to ‘crush’ online fraudsters and to provide a safe and secure environment for dealers and customers to engage in the rapidly growing online payments industry.

Fraud is an ever-present and growing risk. For digitally minded businesses, managing fraud risk is a delicate balancing act between fraud detection and the customer’s digital experience.

When online credit card fraud is perpetrated by a fraudster on a dealer...the auto dealer suffers the consequences. Thieves win and dealers lose. The majority of online fraud prevention tools do not offer the protection needed to combat the evolving criminal enterprise known as, ‘online fraud.’

Traditional fraud prevention tools have become antiquated and are easy to ‘beat.’ More & more customers are requesting to pay their repair order online. This makes it imperative that auto dealers meet this request while protecting their revenue by engaging a fraud prevention system that protects the dealership from chargebacks and builds customer confidence.

TEXT2DRIVE™ has partnered with America’s leading fraud prevention protocol...KOUNT. KOUNT has won numerous awards and accolades. In fact, KOUNT was voted both the Judges Choice and Customer Choice as the “Best Antifraud Solution in 2019,” by the Card Not Present Association, which is the nation’s leading authority on card not present challenges and solutions.