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How To Convert Your Sales Showroom For Social Distancing

[fa icon="calendar"] April 16, 2020

4 minute read

How To Convert Your Sales Showroom For Social Distancing

Social distancing is the new normal, but that does not mean your car sales need to suffer as a result. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed many aspects of the way people do business and auto dealerships are no exception.

Customers want to know that you have put certain measures in place. For this reason, you should let them know that you carry hand sanitizer and that you require all of your sales staff to use it. It is also important to display the hand sanitizer in plain sight throughout the showroom.

This is no time to give customers a short leash. Allow any customers who request a solo test drive to take it. Do not hesitate. It is imperative to convey that your dealership cares about their well-being. Reassure them that your staff thoroughly disinfects all vehicles before and after test drives.

Taking these measures are important, but some customers will still have no desire to set foot in your showroom. Fortunately, TEXT2DRIVE™, a full-featured communications platform that was designed with auto dealerships’ needs in mind, includes features specifically designed for your sales department that make it easy, convenient and comfortable for customers to purchase a vehicle from the comfort of their home.


Interact™ Gives Car Shoppers The Information They Need, When & Where They Want It!

If you think about it, selling cars typically revolves around a couple of actions: holding conversations with customers and giving customers information about vehicles under consideration. The INTERACT™ feature from TEXT2DRIVE transforms your dealership’s website into a tool that accomplishes both.


Customers can get a hold of any sales associate via text message by simply clicking on their picture. Customers prefer to communicate via text message because it is convenient and fast. They can easily fit text messages into their busy lives.

TEXTconnect connects consumers to staff straight from your website


This feature eliminates the need for customers to log-in when they want to view their saved for-sale vehicles or print screens of these vehicles from your website. TEXTvehicle gives them all of the information they need, conveniently delivered to their phone via text message. There is no need for the customer to enter your showroom. All they need to do is click on the information request button clearly displayed on your website.

TEXTvehicle sends a text message to potential customers from your website and captures the lead's information

TEXTvehicle gives the customer a thorough overview of each vehicle for sale by sending them key information and media that brings it to life. Pictures and, in some cases, videos offer a viable alternative if the customer cannot or will not come to your showroom.

The TEXTvehicle feature also allows your sales associates to easily access every interaction a customer has with your website. This ability gives them the data they need to gauge each customer’s interest and adapt their sales approach accordingly.

All of this comes with the reassurance that your dealership is complying with text marketing laws, as TEXT2DRIVE was designed by an attorney with double opt-in legal compliance.


Give Customers A Vehicle Tour With Video

Do you think the only way to show a customer a vehicle is in person? Well, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Video offers a viable option for giving a vehicle tour.

Using the TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App, sales associates can record a video of a vehicle that is for sale. They can record the exterior, interior, under the hood, focus on specific areas or do all of the above. In this way, they can give tours that are just as thorough as those conducted in person. Videos can be up to three minutes long, allowing plenty of time to showcase the vehicle. If three minutes is not long enough, the salesperson can break the tour up into multiple videos.



Once the staff member records the video, they send it to the customer via text message to review. In a way, being able to access it on their phone, anytime and as many times as they wish, is almost more beneficial for the customer - and for your sales department.



When you use TEXT2DRIVE, you gain the power to truly convert your sales showroom to a model that is perfectly positioned for the new norm of social distancing. Give your dealership the advantage during this new Coronavirus era and speed ahead of the competition to ramp up car sales.


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