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How To Maximize & Leverage Coronavirus Auto Manufacturer Incentives

[fa icon="calendar"] April 30, 2020

3 minute read

How To Maximize & Leverage Coronavirus Manufacturer Incentives

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has made widely felt impacts on the automobile industry, vehicle manufacturers are scrambling to mitigate the damage. With car sales declining, automakers are offering a variety of incentives including deferred payments, rebates and discounts.

This is extremely important for your sales department!

The manufacturer incentives give your sales team a powerful tool for selling cars - even in the current soft market. The trick is figuring out how to leverage this tool during a time when your customers are pinching pennies and not parting with their money.

TEXT2DRIVE™ - a full-featured communications platform designed specifically for auto dealerships - makes it easy for your sales staff to take advantage of deferred payments, special financing and discounts from auto manufacturers.


Give Customers Easy Access To Automaker Incentives

Making customers aware of incentives from automakers is the first step. INTERACT™ from TEXT2DRIVE is a full suite of marketing tools for your website that improve customer engagement with your dealership.

TEXTmarketing makes it quick and easy for your customers to receive special offers and coupons right on their phone. They opt in for marketing messages by using a form with a single field and button. The process is simple and easy for anyone to complete. From there, TEXT2DRIVE sends them text messages containing special offers including vehicle rebates, discounts and deferred payments.

TEXTmarketing sends customers special offers and coupons via text message from your website

The vast majority of customers conduct their initial research on vehicles at home, before they set foot in your sales showroom. Today’s car buyer is more educated by far than customers were in the past.

You can take advantage of this predilection for online browsing with TEXTvehicle. This feature sends each shopper a text message containing information about vehicles for sale on your dealership’s website. Customers opt in, so you never have to worry about the legal repercussions of sending them this information.

TEXTvehicle makes the process of shopping for a car pleasant and convenient for your customers practicing social distancing. They no longer have to deal with printing screens from your website to get the scoop on cars and save the information. It is easily accessible on their phone. TEXTvehicle brings on screen images to life by sending customers pictures, video links and key information about the vehicles in which they are interested.

TEXTvehicle sends shoppers a text message with info about vehicles for sale

Customers want ease when it comes to conducting their business. TEXT4appointment allows them to schedule an appointment with a member of your sales team with the click of a button. This feature allows them to connect with a staff member in any department of your dealership via text to quickly schedule an appointment. They will appreciate the ability to get on with their lives faster and you will add a potential sale to your schedule.

Making contact with car buyers is half of the battle. TEXTconnect gives you the advantage you need to win that connection. The customer clicks on the photo of any employee and is connected with them via text message. They can start a conversation with one of your sales associates in less time than it takes to brush their teeth.

Your sales department has an opportunity to leverage incentives offered by auto manufacturers. Using INTERACT from TEXT2DRIVE ensures you have the tools to keep sales on life support during and after the Coronavirus outbreak.


Capitalize On Automaker Incentives  Download the Complete COVID-19 Guide

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