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How To Sell More Vehicles With Videos

[fa icon="calendar"] August 14, 2019

3 minute read

sell more cars by texting sales videos to customers

Consumers have many options when it comes to transportation these days. Uber and Lyft, taxis, public transportation, electric cars, the future adoption of self-driving cars and high gas prices have made it enormously tempting to ditch their vehicles altogether. This reality can make keeping up with vehicle sales seem nearly impossible at times. Factor in websites that sell cars online and you may feel like throwing your hands up in defeat.

What if we told you that you have a powerful tool for selling more cars and vehicles at your disposal? Well, you do! 


Showcase Vehicles Using Videos

Using the TEXT2DRIVE™ mobile app, your sales staff can give shoppers full tours of vehicles for sale or focus on certain parts by recording and sending potential customers videos via text message.

When your sales employees record the video, they should act as if the customer is onsite with them. Instruct them to point out every detail you think they may want to see, especially if it is something they have indicated is a priority or something they might take issue with otherwise. They should always be transparent and avoid the temptation to conceal flaws just because they are showing the car to the customer via video. You want them to earn shoppers’ trust. 

If the sales staff decides to focus on specific parts such as the interior, exterior, wheels or mechanical functions, they should take the opportunity to demonstrate what nice shape they are in or how well they perform.

For example, if the engine is in particularly good shape, they could take a video of it while it's running so the viewer can hear, see and "feel" it.

Capturing their attention and appealing to multiple senses helps people imagine themselves owning that vehicle. Which increases the chance of making the sale.


Send Videos Via Text Message

Recording and sending the videos is half of the battle. Getting a response to them is the other half. If you want to drastically increase the chances customers will watch the videos sent by your salespeople and take action, using text messages is the way to go

  • Texting has a 45% sales and service response rate, compared to 6% for email and 9% for phone. 
  • People respond exceptionally fast to text messages - typically within 90 seconds. Email takes 90 minutes and phone 4 hours to elicit a response. 
  • Texting doubles conversion rates.

Encourage your sales staff to ditch the time-consuming phone calls and spend a fraction of the time sending text messages that offer a high likelihood of delivering results.


Repurpose Videos For The Same Vehicle

There is no reason to dispose of a video just because the person your sales employee recorded it for initially decided against purchasing the vehicle. 

Videos can be stored within the CRM software and are easily accessible. Your sales department will not lose the videos even if the salespeople that recorded them leave because the information is stored in the CRM rather than a personal device. All media files including videos and text messages are stored in the cloud, so your sales associates can access them from anywhere. They are not chained to a desk. 

Repurposing videos saves time, allowing your sales staff to work with more shoppers and improves the chances of making more sales. 

All of these capabilities are available through the TEXT2DRIVE full-featured text messaging platform. Schedule a test drive of today to see the video feature in action.

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