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TEXT2DRIVE's Key Performance Indicators

The vast majority of customers want to conduct their business with auto dealerships quickly and with minimal human interaction. In fact, 34% of dealership customers prefer to communicate with their auto dealer via text messages.

However, a scant 9% of dealerships are providing the solution their customers seek.

TEXT2DRIVE is a full-featured communications platform designed to fulfill customers’ need for convenience, speed and hands-off customer service. Features include automated sales and service alerts, mobile checkout, promotional campaigns and more.

See what our client's biggest challenges were and how TEXT2DRIVE solved each of them, with real results and key performance indicators of their success.

  • Low CSI Scores = 35% Increase
  • No Automation = 76% Now Automated
  • Declined Services = Added $6,643 In Revenue
  • No Shows = Improved 6.5%
  • Parts Obsolescence = 54% Decrease
  • Poor Customer Retention = Returned 2X Per Year
  • Lack Of Trust = $125 Increase In Recommended Repairs
  • Long Check Out Lines = 92% Of Customers Pay Via Text
  • And More