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Modernize Your Dealership To Generate Revenue During The Coronavirus

[fa icon="calendar"] April 29, 2020

3 minute read
Modernize Your Dealership To Generate Revenue During The Coronavirus

These Practices Will Keep Your Business Strong During The Soft Economy

Your dealership is not powerless in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Yes, the economy is soft, but you can still generate service revenue and make car sales.

The trick is to modernize your dealership, to take it beyond 2020. The pandemic may have created the concept of social distancing, but some aspects of it are here to stay. Your customers are now going to expect you to give them the option of conducting their business from the comfort of their home.

You may wonder, how can we meet our customers’ new needs? Keep reading to get the answers.


Make Your Website The Hub Of Customer Communications

INTERACT™ is a suite of dynamic website features included on TEXT2DRIVE™ that compel customers to engage with your service and sales staff. It delivers to them the communication and information they want, when they want it and how they want to receive it.

You receive an alert in real-time whenever a customer utilizes one of the features. Every interaction is permanently archived in the TEXT2DRIVE interface. This allows managers to view reports and make any necessary improvements to maximize customer engagement and hold employees accountable.

hawkinson nissian uses text2drive's interactive website features to generate revenue


Today’s customer does not want to deal with the hassle of carrying print coupons. Give them the ease of accessing coupons right on their phone. TEXTcoupon sends coupons to them via text message in seconds. Hawkinson Nissan earned a huge increase in total RO revenue and experienced a 60% average coupon redemption rate thanks to TEXTcoupons*.


Customers can instantly start a text message conversation with any employee simply by clicking on their picture. TEXTconnect gives the customer options of staff members who could help them. Customers overwhelmingly prefer to text message due to the convenience it offers and because it does not intrude on their busy lives.


This feature offers another fast and easy way for customers to get in touch with one of your staff members. TEXTme initiates a text message conversation between the customer and a specific employee. It puts the customer in direct contact with the person. Plus, TEXT2DRIVE makes it simple to transfer the customer to a different associate if that person can better serve them.

text vheicle info with interactive website features to generate car sales


In the new era of social distancing, make it easy for customers shopping for a vehicle to find all of the information they need on your website, without visiting your dealership in-person. TEXTvehicle sends customers pictures, facts and videos (if available) about vehicles for sale with the click of a button - straight to their phones where they can access it any time.


Let customers know your staff is ready to answer their questions at virtually any time of the day or night. Do not worry, you can choose the days and times you want to enable this feature! You also have the power to select pages you want to incorporate this feature.


Whether a customer needs to schedule a service appointment or an appointment to visit your showroom, TEXT4appointment puts them in touch with a staff member in any department who can help them. There is no need to enter VIN numbers and there are multiple buttons available if you have multiple stores.


Sign customers up to receive special offers with the reassurance that you are legally compliant. With text marketing, it is easy for customers to opt-in (TEXT2DRIVE uses a double opt-in for full legal compliance) to receive offers via text message.


These Social Changes Are Here To Stay

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has permanently changed the way that many people look at doing business. Do not get left behind by sticking with traditional means of communication. Get TEXT2DRIVE and gain access to INTERACT, a profit-driven suite of website features that will take you into the next century and ramp up your dealership’s revenue far beyond COVID-19.


Recover Revenue With INTERACT  Download the Complete COVID-19 Guide

The Complete COVID-19 Guide For Dealerships


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