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Open Lines Of Communication With Customers To Increase Revenue & CSI

[fa icon="calendar"] October 2, 2019

3 minute read

Open Lines Of Communication With Customers Increase Revenue Improve CSI Scores

Clear communication is vital to the success of any business - and for automotive dealerships, it is the very lifeblood. Keeping customers informed about their repairs, eliciting responses from them when their vehicle is due for repair and keeping records of conversation are all critical indicators of success. 

This might sound like a tall order to fill, but with the right communications platform, it is entirely possible.


Automated Communications For A Consistent Experience

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, the makers of TEXT2DRIVE™ designed the full-featured communications platform to initiate and manage communications with customers throughout the entire lifecycle - from the day they purchase their vehicle to the day they pick it up for repairs and beyond. 

The automatically deployed text messages serve a variety of purposes including notifying customers their vehicle is due for repair, letting them know the status of the vehicle they have in for repair, giving them the option to pay their bill online, sending them a request to complete a CSI survey (customer satisfaction index), reminding them of recommended services they declined and alerting them to an open safety recall on their vehicle.

These automated messages standardize the service department’s follow-up process, communicating with them in a consistent manner every single time. The quality of the communication is not dependent on a certain employee’s moods or whether they are working that day. Every single customer has the same experience.


A Noninvasive Form Of Communication

While customers want to be kept in the loop, they want it to be done in the most efficient and least invasive way possible. This is one reason why the majority of people prefer to communicate with businesses via text messages.

When text messages are the form of communication used, customers receive information on a real-time basis but can choose to read and respond whenever is most convenient for them. It is the best of both worlds. Text messages do not disrupt their busy schedule the way that phone calls do.

Communicating via text messages also improves the chances that customers will respond. Typing a quick message and hitting send is much faster and easier for them than picking up the phone. Plus, sending a text can be done much more discreetly than making a phone call.

Interacting with customers through text messaging instead of calling them on the phone saves your employees time, as well. They can send texts in a matter of seconds. Plus, it cuts the volume of incoming calls. Your staff will have more time to take care of the job at hand: servicing customers’ vehicles.

A Paper Trail For Accountability And Protection

TEXT2DRIVE stores all text communications in the CRM software for easy access anytime they are needed. Your dealership will retain these important records regardless of turnover because they are not stored on an employee’s personal device.

This “paper trail” will help your service department avoid scenarios like the following:

  • Price disputes
  • Authorization issues
  • Legal issues
  • Negative reviews

The new TEXT2DRIVE mobile app includes the capability to take and send pictures and videos of recommended repairs to customers. Doing so not only builds trust, but it also improves the chances that recommended repairs will get approved and provides evidence if issues occur down the road.


Happy Customers, Happy Dealership

When your service department keeps customers updated on the work their vehicles need and where it is at during the service process, helps keep them safe by informing them of open recalls and lets them know you value their experience, you make - and keep - them happy.

Happy customers will return to your dealership again and again for service on their vehicle - bolstering revenue and your sales staff’s chances to sell them a new vehicle when they need it.

These same happy customers will tell their social circles about the fantastic experience they always have whenever they use your services.

This scenario is no fantasy! TEXT2DRIVE makes it a reality by delivering a consistent, convenient and engaging communications experience to every customer, every time.

Find out for yourself how TEXT2DRIVE can open the lines of communication for your dealership.


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