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Safety Recalls Are The Auto Industry’s Best Kept Secret

[fa icon='calendar'] September 25, 2018

There’s a little-known secret in the auto industry and that best kept secret is that recalls are a huge money maker for auto dealers. In fact, 80% of manufacturer’s safety recalls are never serviced. That’s a huge chunk of revenue being left on the table for auto dealers to take advantage of.

This sizeable amount of money can be captured by effective notification of manufacturer’s recalls through modern technology; in particular texting. One major reason why customers are not bringing in their vehicles for recalls is because they are usually unaware that there is a safety recall in the first place.

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10 Stats Proving When Auto Dealerships Text, They Sell More Vehicles

[fa icon='calendar'] August 28, 2018

Texting while driving isn’t very smart, but texting within your auto dealership is. If you’re an auto dealer or in auto sales this is a must read.

The World Is Advancing, Don’t Get Left Behind

Everyone assumes that the auto dealership is an old boys club, which hasn’t been impacted by technology, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology is changing the auto dealership business model. Something as simple as text messaging is allowing customers to more conveniently interact with their dealership in real-time.

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How Customer Satisfaction Increases Repair Orders & Revenue

[fa icon='calendar'] August 28, 2018

Technology is changing everything these days. It’s changing the way we communicate with each other, it’s changing the way we shop, and it’s definitely changing the way customers interact with their auto dealer’s service department.

Your customer is the key to your business, and customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of your auto dealership, especially in this hyper-connected world we live in. Therefore, applying technology to keep them informed and updated on a high-ticket item like their vehicle is a valuable asset, not only to them but also for your dealership.


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How Hebert's Town & Country Used TEXT2DRIVE To Improve Their CSI Scores

[fa icon='calendar'] June 22, 2018

An Actual Case Study About Hebert’s Town & Country

Improved Communication Is A Dealership’s Key To High CSI Scores!

TEXT2DRIVE™ is a revolutionary text message marketing and sales tool developed specifically for dealerships. In many ways, it automates and significantly improves communication with your customers.

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How Sandberg Volvo Cars Improved Their Dealership CSI Score with TEXT2DRIVE

[fa icon='calendar'] May 30, 2018

Recently, Dave Bushnell, Service Manager at Sandberg Volvo Cars in Lynnwood, Washington reported a dramatic increase in their dealership's CSI (customer service index) score since switching to TEXT2DRIVETM.

They came to us looking for the best way to communicate with their customers, but weren’t sure how to close the gap.

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