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Service Appointment Reminders Generate $28,533/Mo In Extra Revenue On Average

[fa icon="calendar"] November 13, 2019

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automated service appointment reminders generate $28,533 per month in revenue

Dealerships Enjoy An Average 6.5% Show Rate Increase Due To Automated Service Appointment Reminders

Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue to gain, far too many dealerships are missing the mark when it comes to winning over and retaining repeat business. The process starts with encouraging customers to use their service department and make appointments, but it does not end there.

Once a customer schedules a service appointment, the next challenge lies in making sure they keep it. Sending a timely reminder that they have an appointment the next day goes a long way in achieving this goal. 

That is exactly what the creators of TEXT2DRIVE™ - a full-featured communications platform - had in mind when they incorporated service appointment reminders into the technology. These automated text messages are deployed by the platform and remind customers that they have an appointment coming up

Sending the appointment reminders takes very little time or effort on the part of your employees, as they are set-up with pre-existing templates that can be personalized. You can personalize them with information such as the customer’s name and vehicle information and the date and time of the appointment. Inserting this information is fast and easy for any employee to do. 

All of the above sounds nice, but do service appointment reminders actually work? Well, consider this:

show rates improved 6.5% in one month using automated service appointment reminders

Dealerships that use automated appointment reminders from TEXT2DRIVE increased their show rate by 6.5% on average. That is $28,533 in additional revenue per month on average!

$28,533 in additional revenue per month due to automated service appointment reminders

Another automated message that helps show rates is the appointment calendar invite. When a customer schedules an appointment with your service department, TEXT2DRIVE automatically sends them a text message with the date, time and a link they can use to add the appointment to the calendar on their mobile device

Service appointment reminders, together with appointment calendar invites, keep customers on track when it comes to keeping their appointments. This gives your service department the opportunity to generate more revenue, stay on schedule and capitalize on last-minute emergency appointments.

These two profit-driven features are just a couple of the many available on TEXT2DRIVE. Find out how else the revolutionary communications platform can benefit your service department.

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