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[fa icon="calendar"] January 13, 2020

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Service Reminders & Automation Resulted In $17k Of Repair Order Revenue Over 60 Days

15.37%* Of Customers Who Received Reminders Had Service Performed In Less Than 30 Days

Trying to keep track of multiple OEM schedules as they pertain to each customer’s vehicle perfectly illustrates the conundrum that many service departments find themselves facing.  Recommended maintenance is a solid potential source of revenue for dealerships, but traditionally, capitalizing on it has been challenging. 

Staying ahead of the game when customers change their appointment due to their busy schedule, or the OEM alters their schedule for newer technology and new vehicles, can devolve into a costly mess. Oversights can result in significant revenue and time losses.

Service reminders from TEXT2DRIVE™ have changed all of that resulting in an average repair order revenue of $17,079* over a 60-day period. This full-featured communications platform automatically sends service reminders to your dealership when a service date is approaching for one of your customer’s vehicles. 

The technology integrates with manufacturer databases and your business development center (BDC) to keep track of service dates even when OEMs change them

On average 15.37% of customers who were sent service reminders had service performed on their vehicle less than 30 days later. 

Accompanying service reminders are automated messages sent to customers at strategic times throughout their lifecycle including:

  • Reminders that a customer declined recommended repairs
  • An alert sent to a customer when a service warning light is triggered in their vehicle (FCA dealerships only)
  • Notifications sent to a customer when there is an open safety recall on their vehicle, when a dealership is enrolled with Safety Recall messages

You do not have to be a slave to OEM schedule changes. Discover the other automated alerts that will help drive your service department revenue.

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* TEXT2DRIVE's January 13, 2020 data usage report from the dates of January 2019 to February 2019, Author Norm Crawford.

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