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10 Stats Proving When Auto Dealerships Text, They Sell More Vehicles

[fa icon="calendar"] August 28, 2018

5 minute read
Stats Proving Texting Sells More Vehicles & Cars

Texting while driving isn’t very smart, but texting within your auto dealership is. If you’re an auto dealer or in auto sales this is a must read.

The World Is Advancing, Don’t Get Left Behind

Everyone assumes that the auto dealership is an old boys club, which hasn’t been impacted by technology, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology is changing the auto dealership business model. Something as simple as text messaging is allowing customers to more conveniently interact with their dealership in real-time.

It’s no secret, selling cars is big business. Commissions can be enormous so why not use every possible way to get an edge over your competitors? Texting has been around for a while and is the most used form of communication among millennials and generation X. So, it’s only right to apply this technology to the auto industry.

But, how exactly does texting improve sales? Let’s find out!

proof dealerships must text customers

Proof When Dealerships Communicate Via Text Message, They Sell More Cars

1. Less Phone Conversations Means More Time To Sell

Technology has made mundane processes way more efficient. This is certainly true for communication. Communication has always been a prolonged process especially in the auto industry.

People are indecisive about making big purchases. Texting allows a manager to communicate with a customer or potential customer without having to wait for feedback. He or she can simply send the content whether it is brand new cars in a showroom, or used vehicles on a distant lot. In fact, according to Entrepreneur.com, the secret to closing more sales is talking less.

Through text, they are now able to send these messages to multiple customers in real-time and move on to another task, rather than having to call each customer one by one to sell them.

2. The Customer Sees The Image Of Themselves In The Vehicle

You can quickly upload images, take pictures and videos with your phone and send them via text message. This allows customers to see the actual vehicle and imagine themselves in it.

According to Inc.com, people are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.

This is a huge added bonus over the old way of calling and describing a vehicle over the phone or emailing stock images. Imagine getting that video of a new blazing red-hot sports car sent directly to your phone, wouldn’t you like to jump in it and take off on the highway? Well, that’s the power of text.

3. Mass Communication

Texting allows you to communicate with a wide audience of people at a resounding rate. I’m talking about within seconds. It’s better than sending a mass e-mail, because you’re sure that it will get opened. Text message open rates are at 95%, whereas email is only around 10%.

Send the same message to multiple people at the same time and wait for feedback. It’s that simple!

4. Simplicity At Its Finest

There are few technologies simpler than text messaging. I can’t think of anything easier than texting someone, can you? Actually, 72 percent of millennials send 15 or more texts a day and according to AutoNews.com, texting customers pays off, no matter their age.

Simplicity is always the key, so using text in your auto dealership should be a no brainer.

5. Transparent Sales Process

Today you have the ability to communicate with your sales representative directly through text. Being able to have direct, two-way and transparent communication with your sales agent gives the customer a better sense of comfort and allows them to ask questions and compare options easier.

The happier the customers, the bigger the sales. It’s a time-tested proven philosophy.

6. Building A Better Relationship With Your Customer

Open communication leads to a better relationship with your customer. You’re selling cars and trucks, so it’s known that people approach these kinds of businesses with a bit of caution, and rightfully so. It’s a big purchase, so you as a sales person should want a more open relationship with the customer. This will build trust and strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

7. Opportunity To Win Over Customers

The stronger the relationship with the customer, the better the chances are to win them over from your competitors. If your customer sees you as a trusted resource, they will stick with you no matter what. Even if they are considering a competitor of yours, they will still contact you first to see if they can negotiate a better price.

43% of consumers switched companies, because they lost trust in that company; 38% said their loyalty to brands is more driven by trust,according to Accenture.

That’s human nature. What better way to get information to a potential car buyer than texting? Now, here’s your chance to win the customer over.

8. Upsell Additional Features and Trim Levels

With this open communication you can easily upsell products and services to your existing customers. Did you know current customers are 5-10 times cheaper than acquiring new ones?

Or once the respondent to the text message is close to closing, add the packaged deal at a discounted price and they are 30% more likely to take it. Why not get the sports package and make your vehicle more distinguishable when you’re cruising on the highway?

9. Scheduling

Scheduling can be a nightmare at an auto dealership. This is an important feature of allowing customers to be able to communicate with you via text. Have them schedule their meetings with sales managers through texting. It’s effective, efficient and will save you a lot of downtime, which means more sales.

10. Satisfaction Matters

At the end of the day customers want to be satisfied. It’s their mode of transport so you can expect them to be concerned when it comes to their vehicle. Using text to open communication channels and enhance the customer experience is a win, win situation and will increase sales significantly.

The more satisfied the user is, the more your business will grow due to these happy customers referring their friends to your business and posting on social media. Think about it, you do not want negative reviews online or people talking badly about their experience with you at a local event.

Invesp reported that word of mouth impressions resulted in 5x more sales than paid media impressions.



TEXT2DRIVETM Brings Texting To Auto Dealers

If you were reading this and wishing that there were a technology service out there that was developed specifically for auto dealership text communications, your wishes have been granted.

TEXT2DRIVETM brings text messaging to the auto industry with its powerful, simple and intuitive software as a service (SaaS) application.

Lack of communication is no longer an excuse for not giving your customers the proper attention that they need. If you’re experiencing pain points that can be easily prevented through open communication within your organization, then consider implementing the TEXT2DRIVETM text marketing & sales platform.

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