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Suburban Volvo Used Video To Earn A $4,000 Recommended Repair Approval

[fa icon="calendar"] January 8, 2020

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Suburban Volvo Used Video To Earn A $4000 Recommended Repair Approval

Showing A Customer Necessary Repair Work Using Video, Suburban Volvo Obtained An Approval For $4,000 In Recommended Repairs

Suburban Volvo discovered firsthand how powerful video can be when it comes to obtaining customer approval for recommended repairs. This is significant. Getting approval from customers for repairs recommended by your service staff can be tricky.

Customers are not well versed in the mechanics of vehicles like your certified technicians. Therefore, they often struggle to fully comprehend what is happening with their vehicle from a mechanical standpoint. If they do not understand the issues, it may be difficult for them to see why repairs need to be made.

It is also challenging for customers to part with money for repair when they cannot visualize what needs to be fixed. Video shows them exactly which parts need to be repaired or replaced - the broken part, what it looks like and why making it function again is critical for the performance of their vehicle.

A Firsthand Look

The best substitute for expert knowledge about the inner workings of a vehicle is an explanation from a service technician during which they show the customer exactly what is going on with their vehicle. Since taking customers into the service bay is a liability, and frankly is not realistic, an alternative is necessary.

This is where video comes in. TEXT2DRIVE™ designed its mobile app to include video capabilities. Using this feature, service technicians can record videos up to three minutes long in which they point out the recommended repairs and detail them in simple terms. Additionally, videos give technicians a way to show customers a clear picture of broken parts and illustrate why fixing them is essential.

Technicians send these videos to customers via text message. Having access to the videos serves several purposes. First, customers can see the problems with their own eyes and feel reassured by the technician’s transparency. Second, the recommended repairs take on the nature of a consultation, making it easier for customers to comprehend the issue at hand. This positions your tech sitting on the same side of the decision-making table as your customer rather than sitting across in opposition.

Suburban Volvo Capitalizes On The Original Repair

A customer brought her vehicle into Suburban Volvo to get it serviced for an oil leak caused by issues with the front cover and thermostat housing. While examining the car, certified service technician Quentin discovered additional issues including a broken off brake bleeder, a loose tie rod that was a concern for steering safety, and low volume in three of the four tires.

While the customer had opted out of receiving text messages, showing her the video in person was still effective. Quentin presented a video and two pictures that he took of the vehicle to the customer as she waited at the dealership. He followed this best practice, refusing to be deterred by the lack of ability to text her the video. By watching Quentin point out the work that needed to be done, the customer was convinced it was necessary. The video demonstrated the need for the repairs and allowed her to make an informed decision. As a result, she approved about $4,000 in recommended repairs.

This is the power of video. TEXT2DRIVE is one of the few communication platforms that makes full use of video as a tool to increase revenue and complete repair orders. Since the video feature is enabled on the mobile app, your service staff can move around freely as they use it. They use the same app to send the videos to customers via text message - a method of communication consumers prefer - and maintain communication with them throughout the process.

Your service department could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue per month. Get started today by learning more about the video feature from TEXT2DRIVE.


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