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Supercharge Vehicle Sales And Lease Renewals

[fa icon="calendar"] April 14, 2020

2 minute read

Supercharge Vehicle Sales And Lease Renewals

Your dealership has the chance to get a new lease or sell a new vehicle every time a customer pulls into your service bay. This situation offers you several different opportunities:

  • Acquire new inventory that will sell at maximum profit
  • Sell a vehicle to a customer more frequently
  • Get a customer into a new lease

So, how do you convert a customer who brings their vehicle in for service to a new sale or new lease? Keep reading to find out.


Seize The Moment

The key to capitalizing on service appointments is seizing the moment while the customer is waiting. The tricky part about this situation is determining whether the customer’s vehicle is a good candidate for your buyback program.

Fortunately, TEXT2DRIVE™ - a full-featured communications platform designed specifically for dealerships - offers the Service To Sales Mining Tool to provide the information you need. When a vehicle that meets the criteria for a buyback campaign enters your service bay, sales managers receive a push notification alerting them to this development.

The sales manager can then approach the customer and talk to them about trading in their car for a new car or trading in their car and leasing a vehicle.



How It Works

Setting up the Service To Sales Mining Tool is quick and easy. The sales manager begins by indicating vehicles that are desirable matches for the dealership’s buyback campaign. The tool asks for details on the type of cars including:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim package

From there, a push notification is sent to sales associates every time a repair order (RO) is created for a vehicle that matches the description entered by the sales manager. Salespeople receive alerts on their desktops and via the TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App.

One of your sales associates can then speak with the customer while they wait for their vehicle to be serviced. This gives them the perfect chance to sell a trade-in or new lease and get an ideal car for the buyback campaign at the same time.

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