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TEXT2DRIVE™ Automation Has The Competition Beat

[fa icon="calendar"] February 18, 2020

3 minute read
TEXT2DRIVE automation has the competition beat

The makers of communication platforms love to claim their solutions are automated, but many lack true automation. In order to qualify as true automation, a solution must have the capability to operate or control a process by a highly automatic means. Intelligent automation, by its very nature, reduces the level of human intervention required. It reduces the time and effort required by users to complete their job.

This is exactly what the automation built into TEXT2DRIVE™ accomplishes for your dealership. The full-featured communications platform is designed specifically for auto dealerships and allows your staff to communicate consistently and at the right times with customers while saving your employees time in the process.

Intelligent automation does the heavy lifting when it comes to touching base with customers and strengthening customer retention, freeing up your service staff to focus on the core tasks that generate revenue. 

Cycle of Automation for Texting Customers

Communicate Throughout The Customer's Lifecycle

TEXT2DRIVE deploys a series of automated text messages at every step of the customer lifecycle. AI powers personalized intelligent automation to ensure the text messages are sent to the right customers at the ideal time. 

  • Service department intro - Invites customer to the service department to learn about their new vehicle
  • Vehicle first service reminder - Capitalizes on the opportunity to get customers into the service department
  • Appointment calendar invite - Adds appointments directly to the calendar app on customers’ devices
  • Appointment reminder - Automatically reminds the customer the day before any scheduled appointment
  • Vehicle status updates - Informs in real-time of how far along their car is in the service process
  • Vehicle ready for pick-up - Lets customers know that the work on their vehicle is complete and they can pick it up
  • Declined vehicle service reminder - Ensures that customers know about recommended work and regains lost service department revenue opportunities
  • Vehicle service reminder - Alerts customers that the due date of their next recommended service is approaching
  • Lease expiration - Lets customers know that their lease is going to expire in 90 days, setting the stage to obtain a renewal, commit them to a more expensive lease or sell them a vehicle


Fast And Easy Text Message Personalization

Each automated text message was designed with a pre-existing template that you can easily and quickly personalize. It is simply a matter of plugging information like customer’s name, your dealership’s name, your service department employees’ names, the make and model of each customer’s vehicle and the phone numbers of your staff into the template. 

This feat is accomplished through personalization tokens - snippets of code that dynamically add the information that is relevant for each message. While the technology is sophisticated, executing the task is user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone can learn how to do it with ease

You can also choose to make your automated messages fully unique if doing so is more beneficial for your dealership. TEXT2DRIVE gives you the freedom to choose either option.

The automated features from TEXT2DRIVE are not only convenient - they work. For example, service reminders generated an average repair order revenue of $17,079* over a 60-day period

Do not let the power of true automation pass you by! Find out how the automated features available on TEXT2DRIVE can rev up profits and solidify customer retention. 

Discover why TEXT2DRIVE is superior when it comes to igniting revenue and building customer loyalty. Get the scoop from the TEXT2DRIVE Difference eBook!


Drive Revenue & Customer Loyalty

Download The TEXT2DRIVE Difference eBook

Download the T2D Difference eBook


* TEXT2DRIVE's January 13, 2020 data usage report from the dates of January 2019 to February 2019, Author Norm Crawford.

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