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Texting Coupons Generated An EXTRA $168K For Our Dealership

[fa icon="calendar"] January 30, 2019

4 minute read

Hawkinson Nissan Text Coupons Case Study

Improved Access & Convenience Of Service Department Coupons Is A Revenue Generating Powerhouse!

TEXT2DRIVE™ is a sales and marketing solution tailored to the needs of both dealerships and customers. The first of its kind in the automotive marketplace years ago, the tool facilitates seamless communication with customers, automating many tasks to free up your time and manpower. Among these features is TEXTcoupons, a functionality that allows you to deliver offers to customers’ smartphones.

94% of consumers prefer to work with dealers that can text message. Furthermore, text messaging generates a 98% open rate.

Save time by sending coupons to all customers simultaneously, trim marketing costs and extend the reach of offers by eliminating the need to print coupons. Customers will appreciate the convenience of carrying and presenting coupons on their phone instead of printing them.

If you are looking to bolster revenue generated by your service department, TEXT2DRIVE is the ideal solution. The incredible outcome revealed in this case study from Hawkinson Nissan demonstrates how TEXTcoupons drove a spike in revenue from redeemed service department coupons.

Using the TEXT2DRIVE coupon widget on their website for an oil and filter change, Hawkinson Nissan saw its repair order redemption rate soar to 41.60% - an increase of 59.76%! This promotion generated an additional $168,248.70 in revenue for the dealership in just 9-months.

TEXTcoupons Results

TEXTing coupons: Results and Case Study Details:

  • Test Dealership - Hawkinson Nissan
  • Case Study Length - 9 Months, Feb-Oct 2018
  • Focus of Case Study - Repair Order Volume & ROI
  • TEXT2DRIVE Tool & Placement - TEXTcoupon Interact Widget On Hawkinson Nissan's Website
  • Coupon Promo - Oil & Filter Change
  • Coupons Requested - 2,399
  • Coupons Redeemed - 998
  • Actual Redemption Rate - 41.60%
  • Increase In RO Redemption Rate - 59.76%
  • Total Revenue Earned From Coupon Promo - $168,248.70
  • Average Revenue Earned Per Coupon Redeemed - $168.59




In this day and age, customers do not want the hassle of printing coupons from a dealership’s website or carrying physical coupons around. Email campaigns are proving less effective for marketing purposes than they once were, as inboxes are besieged with emails and promotional messages are likely to end up lost in a spam folder.

So, when you give your customers the option to receive and redeem offers on their smartphones - which they already take everywhere - your customers will see that you respect their time and realize it is valuable.

And TEXTcoupons will make your life and your team’s life easier, as well, with the following capabilities:

  • Every interaction is archived permanently
  • Records are easily accessible in the dealer interface
  • You can quickly analyze real-time reports
  • Double opt-in ensures that recipients are valid and engaged
Service Department Challenges & Text Messaging Solutions


While TEXT2DRIVE streamlines operations to allow for an optimum level of efficiency, it incorporates a personal touch that allows for superior customer service. For example, every single text message contains the service advisor and customer’s name.

In addition to TEXTcoupons, there are six more powerful customer-to-dealer Interact website widgets available to use via TEXT2DRIVE that engages customers by giving the ability to interact with you. Get real-time alerts that empower you to stay up to speed with every aspect of operations and data accessibility. Also, reporting that gives you access to reports on all Interact SMS activity.

Customer-to-Dealer Website Widgets

Widgets include:

  1. TEXTconnect - Customers can click on any employee’s photo to send them a text message
  2. TEXTvehicle - Information about a customer’s vehicle is sent to them via text within seconds
  3. LIVEchat - Interact easily with customers on your website whenever staff is available
  4. TEXT4appointment - Customers can text message any department to schedule an appointment
  5. TEXTmarketing - Remain legally compliant while building your marketing lists with double opt-in
  6. TEXTme - Any of your employees can strike up a conversation with a customer via text message, engaging them and answering their questions immediately

The solution is also user-friendly, with a simple interface that anyone can master regardless of age or knowledge. TEXT2DRIVE empowers your staff to manage their time better and provide unparalleled customer service.

The aforementioned features are just a few of many available on the TEXT2DRIVE system. Let us do the hard work for you. Find out how you can supercharge your service department's revenue with us.

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