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Use Automated Data Mining To Acquire Vehicle Inventory

[fa icon="calendar"] April 2, 2020

2 minute read

Use Automated Data Mining To Acquire Vehicle Inventory

Tracking down cars that meet the parameters of your vehicle buyback program can be challenging and time-consuming. However, it is necessary to ensure the program is profitable.

Successfully pulling off this feat requires careful coordination between your sales and service departments, as well as tactfully approaching the customers whose vehicles you want to purchase.

With the challenges in mind, the makers of TEXT2DRIVE™ incorporated several features into the text communications platform.

Ease The Process Of Locating Cars For Buyback Campaigns

The TEXT2DRIVE Service To Sales Mining Tool simplifies the process of tracking down pre-owned cars for buyback campaigns. Sales managers follow an easy process to activate this tool.

  1. Select the Service To Sales Mining Tool from the sales interface
  2. Specify the make, model and trim package they want the campaign to include
  3. Click “Add Vehicle”



Once the buyback campaign is activated, a notice is sent to the sales employees who were assigned to receive these messages whenever a vehicle matching the description enters your service drive. The notice gives them all of the information they need including details about the desired vehicle.

This process empowers the sales manager to send a sales associate to speak with the customer who owns the matching vehicle. The sales manager receives a notification when the sales associate responds. Since all text message interactions held on TEXT2DRIVE are recorded and saved, you have the ability to hold your employees accountable. You can access a report that lays out the entire conversation that took place between the sales manager and the customer whose car your dealership wants to purchase.

With the Sales To Service Mining Tool, your sales department will never be left in the dark again when it comes to finding pre-owned vehicles for buyback campaigns. When you buy the right vehicles, you set your buyback campaigns up for success.

Streamline Communication And Record Conversations

Communicating adequately with co-workers, especially those people in other departments, is half of the battle when it comes to managing your vehicle buyback program. Traditional forms of communication, especially on days when your sales force and service employees are busy, falls short.

Fortunately, the group chat feature on TEXT2DRIVE streamlines internal communication in several ways:

  • Create and customize chat rooms to communicate with individual staff members or a team
  • All conversations are held and saved on TEXT2DRIVE, allowing management to access them at any time
  • Managers have the ability to monitor and review chats held between employees, giving them the power to hold them accountable.

Plus, being able to give information to multiple people at once saves a significant amount of time over sending individual emails or text messages.

Utilizing the Service To Sales Mining Tool along with the group chat feature, and leveraging permanently saved conversations in TEXT2DRIVE, you will have the power to supercharge your sales revenue.

Locate Your Ideal Pre-Owned Vehicles

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