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Video Is Proven To Increase A Dealership'S Repair Order Revenue

[fa icon="calendar"] June 18, 2019

3 minute read

video is proven to increase the average revenue per repair order

Sending videos of recommended repairs to customers using the new TEXT2DRIVE™ mobile app increases customer pay by $125 per repair order (RO).

  • Average customer pay when videos are sent: $276.64
  • Average customer pay when videos are not sent: $151.84

The new video feature on TEXT2DRIVE allows service department employees to send videos to customers via text messages. The full-featured communications platform was designed specifically for the needs of automotive dealerships and capitalizes on customers’ preference for text messaging as a form of communication.

Gaining Trust with Full Transparency Through Video

Using the mobile app, service technicians can record and send customers videos in which they point out the repairs that need to be made to their vehicle. Recording the videos is a simple process that anyone, even the least technically inclined, can master.

  • Technicians can send the videos via text message right from the photo library on their desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Customers see the recommended work firsthand, reassuring them the need for repairs is legitimate.
  • Videos up to 3 minutes can be sent.

Customers are much more likely to return to your dealership if you provide a good experience for them from beginning to end. When the process goes smoothly, this tells them your team is capable of servicing their vehicle and handling everything that goes along with it.

Communication is a major part of creating a positive experience for customers. TEXT2DRIVE™ allows employees to communicate easily with one another regardless of where they are in the dealership. It takes just a few minutes or less to ask or answer a question via text message, and the customer does not even have to know the exchange took place.

And TEXT2DRIVE gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that all communications held via the mobile app are legally compliant, secure and stored within the CRM software. You can access archived conversations any time and you do not have to worry about losing important data when employees leave, because none of the information is stored on personal devices.

TEXT2DRIVE's new mobile video app generates service department revenue

The new mobile app allows staff to work smarter and supports the generation of service department revenue with features that include customer account creation and management:

  • Create accounts using the RO number and VIN number.
  • Scan the VIN number into the system with the app’s camera.
  • Add media such as pictures, videos and text notes.
  • Both sales and service employees can add information to customer accounts, ensuring that all staff has access to the latest updates.
  • Search for customer records by repair order (RO) number, name, phone number, service tag or VIN number.
  • Share landing pages containing an overview of the repair process, history, pictures and videos with customers to keep them in the loop.

The aforementioned features are just a few of the many available on TEXT2DRIVE™. The newest features, video and the mobile app, further enhance the innovative communication platform’s impact on dealership success. Find out how TEXT2DRIVE can rev up revenue in your service department and drive profitability across your entire dealership.

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