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Why Using Video Will Help You Sell More Vehicles

[fa icon="calendar"] August 7, 2019

3 minute read

why video sells more vehicles

There is one simple yet powerful step your sales staff can take to increase the number of vehicles they sell: text message shoppers videos of cars in which they have already expressed interest or that meet their preferences.

Text messaging generates a 45% response rate for sales, whereas email gets a 6% response rate and phone calls a 9% response rate. 

That is not all. Texting during the sales process doubles conversion rate.

If these numbers are not enough for you, consider that videos allow shoppers to get a 360-degree look at vehicles from wherever they are, whenever is most convenient for them. Not only will they appreciate this, but it also allows your salespeople to showcase cars to customers even when they are not at the dealership.

Put the high response and conversion rate of texting together with the benefits of videos and you get a winning combination. The video feature from TEXT2DRIVE™ puts this effective strategy in the hands of your sales staff.


Give Shoppers A Tour

What is the next best way to give customers a close look at new or used vehicles for sale if they cannot make it to the dealership? Sending them a 360 tour of the car that makes them feel like they are there.

Plus, the vast majority of people prefer to get a good look at an item before they purchase it. This desire increases tenfold when it comes to a major investment such as a vehicle. They want to experience, touch and listen to a car. Watching a video of it allows them to get close to doing all of the above.

It is no mystery, then, why people are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video, according to Inc.com.

Using the video feature from TEXT2DRIVE, your sales staff can record videos of the entire vehicle or highlight specific parts such as interior, exterior, wheels, and engine. They can truly customize videos for each customer or pull an already created video stored in TEXT2DRIVE’s cloud.


Devote More Time To Selling

Traditionally, salespeople had to spend hours on the phone placing and fielding phone calls, often getting voicemail. Thanks to text messaging, your staff can communicate with shoppers and send them information without waiting for their response.

Not to mention that text messages can be composed and sent within a matter of seconds. Salespeople simply draft a brief note, attach the video, hit the “send” button and they can move onto the next prospect. Salespeople can also save time by utilizing templates.

The TEXT2DRIVE video feature is easy for even the least tech-savvy employees to learn and master. It was designed specifically for automotive dealerships. We understand that your priority is to sell cars, not waste time trying to figure out complicated software.

This is one of the many ways in which TEXT2DRIVE - a full-featured text communications platform - helps dealerships sell more vehicles while keeping customers happy.

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